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Beach apartment design tips

January 01, 2015 By: nengirma Category: Apartment Design

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Apartment design for beach style could be difficult if you think that your apartment complex does not allow you to paint the walls so that you have to find out accessories to bring the idea of ocean to your home such as glass containers filled with sand, beach – themed throw pillows, seashells, lamps and art. Or, use furniture and carpets in shade of blue, green, yellow, and white to anchor the look.

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  1. Make sure that you are well – prepared with throw pillows, starfish, and seashells as the main things you need.

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2. Determine the placing of your furniture throughout your apartment. If it is necessary, rearrange your furniture and keep in mind that it is not to crowd the space because the beach is relaxing and clutter – free environment for beach apartment design.

3. Purchase additional accent pieces if desired and the furniture. Bookshelf made of light – colored wood or within light color could display beach souvenirs. Think also about a curio cabinet.

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4. Add a wicker chair for adding more seating and texture. You could jazz up the look within a cushion in a tropical pattern or bright, bold color. For your blanket, drape an afghan or light – weight blanket within beach – inspired color for your apartment design.

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